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With DAVINCI you can create complex timetables, organize substitutions — either automatically or manually — and publish the result on your website, E-Boards or send it via email. DAVINCI checks the subject choices for you as a secondary school planner and helps you to organize the class via automatic course blocks. And with DAVINCI-MOBILE you can stay up-to-date no matter where you are.

All types of schools

No matter whether you are a small primary school, a secondary school or the largest vocational school in your region: DAVINCI can deal with any level of complexity. Even universities, technical schools and training centers can successfully utilize DAVINCI.

Everything you need

There's almost nothing DAVINCI can't do. Create schedules, substitution plans, course schedules, supervision plans, resource plans and exam plans. Remain fleixble by customizing the time frame whether or not you would like 45 or 5 minute teaching hour units.

Multi-user capable

DAVINCI can be used stand-alone or as a client/server solution. The client/server solution allows team collaberative working. Multiple users can access and update the plan file simultaneously. DAVINCI ensures that no conflicts occur.

Publish on the network

You can publish timetables or the latest substitution information via DAVINCI-LOOK (a freely-available software package) as HTML output on your web server or as a Web service for mobile apps in your local network or on the internet.

DAVINCI on the road

You want to always keep up-to-date? No matter if you are at school, home or on the road? With DAVINCI-MOBILE, an app for iOS and Android, you can get live information about timetables and the latest substitutions on your smart phone or tablet.

Integration with MAGELLAN

When using DAVINCI together with our school management software MAGELLAN all relevant data is comfortably and easily synchronized bidirectionally between both applications. Duplicate entries or data are eliminated

Overview of all modules

DAVINCI Timetable

DAVINCI assists you with efficient views and dialogs for entering lessons, teacher assignments and room planning. Highly efficient automated processes handle the time planning and teacher/room planning. In particular the complex planning of simultaneous or periodic lessons are supported in all their variants

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Screenshot: DAVINCI Timetable
Screenshot: DAVINCI Substitutions

DAVINCI Substitution Plan

Missing teachers? Don't worry: With DAVINCI you can create substitutions for absences by selecting the suggested substitutions or have the coice made automatically. DAVINCI's user interface is unbelievably easy: Even several weeks of substitutions can be created in a compact, single dialog window.

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DAVINCI Course Plan

With DAVINCI you can create primary or secondary school course blocks using student subject choices. The automatic subject choice check and course blockings make your work easier. The state and school type specific subject choice checks are based on open source scripts. The check is simply and intuitive and can quickly be customized into new rules. The blocking event is the input for the secondary school plan. You can even block courses interactively via drag & drop.

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Screenshot: DAVINCI Courseplan


As soon as you want to work with DAVINCI in the team DAVINCI ENTERPRISE comes into play. This module introduces the DAVINCI SERVER - a sophisticated application server with which you can centrally manage every plan file. You and all your colleagues can connect to the DAVINCI SERVER and work on the same plan file simulteously.

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When it comes to publishing your timetables and substitution plans on the internet there's no better tool than DAVINCI INFOSERVER. This is a ISAPI-Plugin for your web server (IIS and Apache are supported) which turns your website into a Web server in no time at all. DAVINCI INFOSERVER communicates with DAVINCI SERVER and delivers back static HTML upon request, data for DAVINCI MOBILE or DAVINCI WEBBOX.

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Screenshot: DAVINCI LOOK


With DAVINCI Look the secretariat and every colleague can view and print your created timetable with all substitution information. DAVINCI Look also features display modes for touch screens and gesture-controlled screens.

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With DAVINCI ANALYTICS you can create teacher absence statistics. This is an overview summary of the teacher working times calculation which summarises the substituted hours per day as well as the substitutions and the possible cancelled lessons over the whole school year. In a further summary each substitution resource and cancelled appointment is recorded per teacher. All data can be exported to HTML, JSON, XLXS and TXT format.

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Screenshot: DAVINCI Analytics


DAVINCI MOBILE is a free app for iOS and Android. With DAVINCI MOBILE you can view timetables, up-to-date substitution plan info, calendar data as well as floor plans on your smart phone or tablet. To achieve this DAVINCI MOBILE connects to your DAVINCI INFOSERVER and reguarly downloads the latest data. The app users are of course only presented with the data they are authorized to access.

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With DAVINCI LIVE-MESSAGE you can directly inform your colleagues of changes via email or SMS. As well as that you can send teachers or students short messages at any time e.g. to inform them of a new meeting appointment or an emergency.

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The standard version of DAVINCI allows you to use all modules and thus exploit the full potential of DAVINCI. The editions for primary schools and universities are however tailor-made for this target group. Unnecessay modules and features are hidden.

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DAVINCI SMART is the ideal timetable planning software for primary schools: Modern, intuitive and easy to learn. Automatically generate timetables and create substitution plans. Publish your timetables on the internet or E-Boards.

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Create lecture plans and organize exams. The HTML output can be seemlessly integrated into your website. With the integration into public displays and existing administrative processes you can expand DAVINCI into a campus-wide solution.

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